Course Specifications based on Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF. 3-4) Revised 2016

Last Update
ICS1101 Introduction to Psychology

ICS1102 Man and Global Society

ICS1103 Thai Traditional Ways of Life Appreciation

ICS1104 Arts and Music Appreciation

ICS1105 Thai Society and Culture

ICS1106 Southeast Asian Studies

ICS1107 Introduction to ASEAN

ICL1101 English for Communication and Study Skills

ICL1102 Communicating in English

ICL1103 English Composition for Daily Life

ICL1104 English Composition for Business

ICL1105 Thai Usage for Daily Life

ICL1106 Thai Usage for Non-Native Speakers

ICL2107 Introduction to Chinese for Communication

ICL2108 Chinese for Daily Life

ICL2109 Chinese for Business Communication

ICL2110 Introduction to Japanese for Communication

ICL2111 Japanese for Daily Life

ICL2112 Japanese for Business Communication

ICL2113 Introduction to French for Communication

ICL2114 French for Daily Life

ICL2115 French for Business Communication

ICL2116 Introduction to Korean for Communication

ICL2117 Korean for Daily Life

ICL2118 Korean for Business Communication

ICL2119 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in English

ICL2120 Discourse English for Communication

ICM1101 Business Mathematics

ICM1102 Introduction to Information Technology

ICM2103 Science in Daily Life

ICM1110 Creative Thinking and Decision Making

ICM1111 World Environment

ICM1104 Aerobic Dancing

ICM1105 Ballroom Dancing

ICM1106 Self-Defenses

ICM1107 Swimming

ICM1108 Tennis

ICM1109 Yoga and Meditation

IBP1201 Principles of Business

IBP1202 Principles of Management

IBP1203 Business Statistics

IBP1204 Principles of Marketing

IBP2205 Microeconomics

IBP2206 Financial Accounting

IBP2207 Financial Management

IBP2208 Business Law

IBP3209 Research Method for Business

IBP3210 Entrepreneurship

IBP2311 Introduction to International Business

IBP2312 Marketing Management

IBP2313 Introduction to Information Systems

IBP2314 Business Ethics and Cross Cultural Management

IBP2315 Macroeconomics

IBP2316 Operations Management

IBP3317 Export-Import Procedure and Management

IBP3318 Managerial Accounting

IBP3319 International Logistics

IBP3320 International Financial Management

IBP3321 Seminar in International Business Management

IBP3322 Independent Study in International Business

IBP2423 Economic Geography

IBP2424 Negotiation Strategies

IBP2425 Human Resources Management

IBP3426 International Marketing

IBP3427 Electronic Marketing

IBP3428 Taxation

IBP3429 International Trade Law

IBP3430 Consumer Behavior

IBP3431 Strategic Management

IBP3432 Investment Analysis

IBP3433 Organizational Behavior

IBP3434 Social Responsibility

IBP3435 Small Business Management

IBP3436 Custom Formality

IBP3437 Managerial Economics

IBP3438 Economic Valuation

IBP3539 Preparation for Internship

IBP3540 Preparation for Cooperative Education

IBP4541 Internship

IBP4542 Cooperative Education